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This page shows the next main current events happening in iU3A. But if you would like to find out more about what's on across the London Region or at the National level of The Third Age Trust or you would like to see information about past meetings please use the links in the box on the right.

Special Events — Diary Dates for 2021
London Region of U3As Talks: the LRU3A series of online talks has been extended through 2021. You can see their programme of events here.

iU3A Monthly Meetings: for the two iU3A talks each month see the details below.

iU3A IT Support Meetings: once a month, see the group page for details here: IT Support Group

Monday 04 October, 2.30 – 4.30pm, Open Day: come along to meet up with other members, to see what we our near 80 groups are doing and find out more about other activities. Non members are welcome, so do bring any friends who might be interested to find out more about what we do and want to join us.
There are leaflets publicising the Open Day in the local libraries and in some charity shops. If there is anywhere near you where you could put some please email Anne Weyman at and she’ll send them to you.

Monthly Meetings, Speakers Programme
See below (left-hand column) to see if the Monthly Meetings is a 'hybrid' form (ie you can attend in person at RfL or online through Zoom) or only online. See details below. If it's a hybrid meeting the Risk Assessment for the venue can be viewed here.

The main Talk will start at 10.00am and run to 11.00 — see the details below. It's suggested you are present at least ten minutes before the scheduled start time. There will only be the one topic, the main speaker. The Zoom invitation to these meetings will be sent to all members in the Bulletin.

23 Sept

Ian Keable: The Century of DeceIan Keableption: The Birth of the Hoax in Eighteenth-Century England. The 1700s was a period when the people of England seemed to be especially gullible. They believed that a woman could give birth to rabbits; that a man could climb inside a two pint bottle and sing inside it; and that a blond-haired European could write a book claiming that he was born in Taiwan. These hoaxes weren't just written about extensively in newspapers and journals but also brilliantly and amusingly depicted by satirical artists such as William Hogarth and James Gillray. Ian demonstrates how 18th century hoaxes are memorable not only for their imaginative nature but also because of the differing motives of the tricksters. After an Oxford degree Ian Keable qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then became a professional magician. He has written Charles Dickens Magician: Conjuring in Life, Letters & Literature, and now divides his time between performing magic, giving talks and researching and writing. His present book, The Century of Deception: The Birth of the Hoax in Eighteenth-Century England, will be published on 07 September 2021.
As this is a hybrid meeting - you can attend physically or online, if you are attending physically please be aware of our specific Risk Assessment here.
14 Oct

online only

 No details yet.
28 Oct

Jane Lewis and Patrick Mulrenan: HousJane LewisPatrick Mulrenaning Policy in 2021 and Beyond. Dr Lewis and Professor Mulrenan will explore what has led to the present position concerning social housing and look ahead to how the situation will develop. Dr Lewis teaches urban sociology and has an interest in social and spatial inequalities, globalisation, labour markets and housing and urban regeneration policy. She has worked as a lecturer at London Metropolitan University for over 20 years. Professor Mulrenan is the course leader for the Community Development and Leadership Degree course at London Met.  He coordinates the professional validation of a number of programmes with the Chartered Institute of Housing, and is an Associate Professor teaching on modules in housing, leadership, management and employability.
11 Nov

online only

No details yet.
25 Nov

(at 11am after the AGM) DavidDavid Nutt Nutt: Drugs and Drug Policy without the hot air. After his fascinating presentation on psychedelics Professor Nutt makes a welcome return to talk to us about current drug and alcohol policies and how these should be changed. Professor Nutt is a neuropsychopharmacologist at Imperial College specialising in researching drugs which affect the brain, and conditions such as addiction, anxiety and sleep. He is the Chair of DrugScience.a non-profit organisation he founded in 2010 to promote independent evidence-based information on drugs.  He was famously dismissed from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs following the publication of his controversial study of the relative harms of drug use and his expressed opinion that alcohol is more harmful to society than illegal drugs. Hybrid — at RfL and on zoom.
09 Dec

online only
Peter Stone: London and its Links with SlPeter Stoneavery. During the 18th and 19th centuries British ships carried more slaves from Africa to the New World than any other nation. London was at the centre of the trade: Its slave ships made 3,000 voyages and delivered around 700,000 Africans; its banks provided the necessary credit; and many of the owners of plantations on which slaves toiled lived in London’s fashionable suburbs. Peter will tell the story of London’s links with slavery, and of its abolition.
He has long studied many aspects of London’s history, from Roman times to the 20th century. The results are continually added to his website His book The History of the Port of London is a standard work on London’s maritime history. He is a Committee Member of the Docklands History Group, which meets at the Museum of London Docklands, and is a lifetime member of London Historians.

Dates of Future Monthly Meetings/Speakers beyond the above for 2022 are:
To be set yet.

Coffee Mornings
Coffee morningsThese are back to meeting physically again now. Our iU3A coffee mornings are a popular way of getting to know other members. They are on varying days of the week and are free to iU3A members. See the latest Bulletin for date of next coffee morning.

Sally FoxOur coffee mornings are organised by Sally Fox. To book up for any of the coffee mornings please email Sally here. She will then advise you that you are booked. If you can't attend a coffee morning you've booked for, please let us know by emailing Sally (same link as above) to say you can't now make it.

Pub Lunches

iU3A's pub lunches provide an opportunity for members to meet each other in a social atmosphere. They take place monthly, around Islington. If you are buying a lunch the cost is around £10 to £12 with drinks being extra. If you'd like to come along to one of these please email Howard Stone here for more information or to reserve your place.

Howard StoneAll those held so far have attracted about 15 iU3A members, who've enjoyed some good chat. While originally conceived to attract more male members there has been good support from the women members. Do come along and join us.

Pub lunches are now a 'group' and details of their schedule can now be found in Beacon.


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