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Members' Handbook
You can find a digital version of the latest Members Handbook here

Gift Membership
Remember that you can 'gift' membership to a friend. See the details on our Join Us webpage.

iU3A (Beacon) Members' Login

If you are a current member of iU3A you can click here to log in to the Members' Portal.

You can use the Members' Portal to:
- Check and, if necessary, update your personal contact details. This includes addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and emergency contact information. You are asked to do this whenever your information changes or at least once a year.
- View and/or download a personal calendar, showing your group meetings and iU3A’s Monthly General Meetings.
- See the contact details for group coordinators.
- Enrol in a group online, providing the group coordinator allows this to be done.
- Renew your annual subscription.
The portal also allows you to:
- Set a security question and answer. This is intended for future use and is not mandatory at the moment.
- Upload a photo.
- renew your membership subscription

How to Log On to the Portal

You will need your membership number and other personal contact details. If you get an error when logging on check that:
- Your membership number is correct (it's printed on your membership card)
- Your forename and surname are spelt correctly and you haven't mistakenly entered a blank space after one or both of them
- Your postcode is correct, with a blank space between the two sections
- You haven't entered any capital letters in your email address
- You haven't copied and pasted, or used auto-fill, to complete any of the fields. This may work on some computers but it doesn't always, so it's best to type the information each time.

You can see a tutorial for Members using Beacon by clicking here.

To log on to the Portal now click here.

If you still can't log on please email the Membership Secretary here.

Beacon Background
Beacon is an on-line management system, supported by the Third Age Trust, specifically for local U3As. We use Beacon to manage our Membership Records, Groups and Venues information, overall Calendar and to send blind emails to members in a safe and secure manner.

During 2017 iU3A launched the use of 'Beacon'. An additional advantage of using Beacon is that unlike the iU3A web pages which are fully viewable by the public and therefore carry only general information about our events or group meetings, the Beacon stored information is only visible to iU3A members only. There is some duplication with some information visible on both the iU3A web pages and Beacon. The information on the web pages will be reduced and the current live information will be maintained by the Coordinators in Beacon.

Security of the System
For your peace of mind, there are four levels of access to Beacon, each with controlled security access requirements. Each level is described in more detail here:

1. Public Links
Limited information about our Interest Groups and a basic Meetings calendar, viewable by anyone (not just iU3A members).

2. iU3A Members' Login
You can see a tutorial for Members using Beacon by clicking here. This provides further guidance on how you can update any of your personal details. If you are a current member of iU3A, you can click here to log in to the Members' Portal.

3. Group Coordinators' Login
Each Coordinator will be able to access their relevant group's details to publish for example information such as venue, timings and subjects. Coordinators can also use the system to send emails to their current group members as blind copy (protecting personal email addresses) and to check or add members to their group. Only paid-up iU3A members will appear on Beacon.

4. System Administrators' Login
Editing access for the Administrators to all data fields.

Training for Group Coordinators
The Beacon login for Group Coordinators is found here.
There is support for the Group Coordinators in their use of Beacon. A tutorial has been prepared and circulated but can also be reached here. Face-to-face training is also available if requested. If you want to look up a particular aspect try the full User Manual here.

If you have any IT queries on Beacon then you can use the following contact here.

Coordinators' guidance regarding GDPR can be viewed here.

The general Guidance document for Coordinators can be viewed here.

Results from our last survey of Group Coordinators can be found here: Coordinators Survey Nov2021

Public Pages in Beacon
Click the link here to see the basic public version of the Calendar. For more information about navigating around the Calendar, visit the Calendar page.

Click the link here to see the basic public version of the Groups List. Click on any Group in the list for additional information about the group.

Emails from Beacon
All email messages sent via Beacon have a 'From' address ending with Beacon emails can only be sent by Coordinators and Administrator — not from Members. Messages from Group Coordinators will be seen as having come from (for example) John Smith via iU3A. Messages from the Membership Administrator will be seen as having come from Administrator iU3A.

Sending emails from the Beacon system ensures all emails are blind copy, ie that member email addresses are not revealed to others. Any replies to an issued Beacon email must be to the email address stated (ie not to Beacon). For further information on Beacon emails click here.



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