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                              iU3A POLICIES

Constitution, Policies, Guidance and Procedures
We have the minimum of documentation to run your u3a. However you can refer to our key documentation on this page. Click on the particular document you'd like to read:

Our iU3A Constitution.

iU3A complies with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and have the following key policies on this topic: Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

You can find here our Equal Opportunities Policy and our Grievance Procedure.

The photographs used on this website were taken by members or others who allowed us to use them and don't require acknowledgement. Where this is not the case or where creative commons pictures are used they will be acknowledged. Guidance for Group Coordinators on copyright generally is available in the Coordinators Guidelines document and please read the regional guidance document here.

The above key documents will be reviewed regularly, at least every 3 years. The register of actual review dates is:
 iU3A Constitution
 October 2022
 Privacy Policy
 June 2022
 Cookies Policy
 June 2022
 Equal Opportunities Policy
 July 2023
 Grievance Procedure
 July 2023
 Members Code of Conduct
 July 2023
 Safeguarding Policy
 July 2023


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