Therese MelvilleWe explore the rich resources and wonders of the human body in order to enjoy
them more fully.


Group Coordinator and tutor: Therese Melville (click to contact)

Group 1: The first three Thursdays of the month from 10.30am to 12pm
Group 2: The first three Fridays of the month from 10.30am to 12pm

We meet at Therese Melville's studio in Highbury.

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Freeflow Eutony is about the pleasure of feeling alive in your own body. It helps you develop better balance, fluidity in your movements, easier sitting posture, and strength and lightness in your step. It is suitable for people at all levels of fitness.

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The sessions consist of gentle improvised stretches, where you discover what works best for you to release superfluous tensions, and tutor-led explorations in response to your needs and interests.

There are no breathing exercises or meditation. We often work lying or sitting on the floor but it is always possible to sit on a chair if you prefer.

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We look at anatomy books and other learning tools to deepen our understanding of the body, and use various objects, such as soft balls, bamboo sticks etc to help us feel it with more clarity.

Understanding and feeling are part and parcel of improving our strength, our flexibility and our well being.

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Occasionally, we use charcoal on paper to draw what we have experienced. Even if you “can’t draw”, you may be surprised at how enjoyable it is.

However, as everything else in the sessions, this is totally optional.

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The classes are friendly, informal, and include a cup of coffee or tea to catch up on everybody’s news.

These are not drop in sessions. There is a certain level of progression through the classes. This means that to join a group half way, and provided there is a space, a couple of “catch up sessions’” may be required.

Therese Melville is a qualified Eutony teacher and physiotherapist.

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