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                      MabyA gathering of like-minded musicians to form groups and enjoy playing music together.

Group Coordinator: Tim Maby (click to contact)

Once a month, days vary.

We meet at the homes of members in various parts of Islington.

We now have about four different groups made up of players who are experienced and those who are still getting used to playing with others. There's a monthly quartet, of recorder, violin, viola and piano or recorder; that becomes a quintet when we can find a bass player. Another is a trio, growing to a quartet, of two wind and two string. Others are building up their skills with the help of the group and we can always find places for new members.

We concentrate on baroque music as it has parts that are interchangeable between instruments, such as between violin, oboe, flute and recorder. We are slowly finding a wider range of periods as we get more involved; we have even found some jazz. Several players also take part in more traditional groups, such as string quartets, so IU3A can offer something different. We meet comfortably and pleasantly in our own homes, with good supplies of drinks and home-made biscuits.

InaugurationOur first get-togetAfter lockdownher

and safe restart after the lockdown.

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