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The development of new groups depends entirely on the talents and creativity of Islington U3A members. We welcome considered proposals for new groups and will help you research them to see if there is a core of interest amongst iU3A members.

New Groups or Courses
As Covid conditions continue we continue to look for new areas of learning which can enrich our lives.

  • Is there a new subject you would like to explore?
  • Are you wondering about enrolling on an online course and might enjoy some co-learners?
  • Would you enjoy a regular chat about local news?
If so, do contact Valerie Iles at or Vivek Nanda at


We've had a good response from members for a group (or groups) on this activity. Our first 'test cycle' will be early May and then we hope to find a Coordinator to launch as a regular group. There are still some spaces so if you would like to take part please email Valerie on

Mapping Your Islington
Are you interested in knowing more about what has been happening over the centuries in your own neighbourhood? Would you like to explore its multifaceted history over that time? Perhaps looking at:
•    the ways of life of its inhabitants
•    patterns of immigration of so many different kinds (reflecting religious and other turmoil in Europe’s history, Britain’s industrial and colonial past, climate change this century, ….)
•    the kinds of industries that have thrived here over the centuries
•    means of transport
•    the history behind Islington’s road names
•    and more…….
Then this group developing a community history may be for you. Do get in touch with Valerie on if you are interested.

Repair Club
Might you be interested in joining a regular gathering of enthusiasts with skills in a range of arts and crafts, bringing your own design and make or repair projects and encouraging others to do the same?
If you enjoy using skills in any of the practical crafts such as woodwork, metalwork, needlework, book binding, jewellery making, dress design, pattern making, and more, perhaps you would like to explore being part of a group taking on repair projects brought by its own members.

Are you a fluent Greek speaker? Or interested in becoming one? One of our iu3a members has many happy memories of holidays in Greece when her children were young and of becoming semi-fluent in the language. She would now love to revive that fluency. Are you feeling the same? Would you like to join her?

If you are interested in joining any of the above proposed Groups please contact
Valerie at

New Course: The Global Philosopher: For further details see here. If interested in registering please email Vivek on:

Economics for People Course: This is an economics group based on ideas very different from the normal Classical or NeoClassical ideas of market values. Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of England, explains the major change in economics since the three present-day crises of Credit, Covid and Climate Change. He calls these The Three Cs. In his Reith Lectures, Carney emphasizes the need to rethink our values. We can no longer base our national activities upon Market forces, but must look deeper into social, political and public values when deciding upon actions taken by countries and the world.
We shall be delving into various new ideas put forward by geographers, sociologists, economists, philosophers and activists during our six sessions, which will meet bi-weekly on Mondays, beginning 22 March at 4.15pm. The members of the group will decide which lecture to study at home (often using YouTube or Podcasts) and then discuss these lectures in a Zoom meeting. We already have decided upon the first lecture to be discussed — Degrowth. If you would like to join Dianne, Facilitator of the discussions, in exploring important and topical economic issues, please email Vivek at


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