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The development of new groups depends entirely on the talents and creativity of Islington U3A members. We welcome considered proposals for new groups and will help you research them to see if there is a core of interest amongst iU3A members.

New Groups
As Covid conditions continue we continue to look for new areas of learning which can enrich our lives.

  • Is there a new subject you would like to explore?
  • Are you wondering about enrolling on an online course and might enjoy some co-learners?
  • Would you enjoy a regular chat about local news?
If so, do contact Vivek Nanda at or Judith Altshul at

The Repair, Re-purpose and Restore club (RRR club)
This new fledgling group has a wide range of interests and skills between them. Zoom conversations have been enthusiastic, but members really want to find a workspace (or spaces) where they can use tools of different kinds. They are currently actively searching for these. Some members might hive off to a new specific Textiles group. But we need a leader to take this forward.
Mapping Our History
This new group had an enthusiastic start and Peter Stone provided expert input for the group. Members found that over the summer, amid the lifting of covid restrictions, they had other priorities but with a change of season this has significant potential. Members are keen to research different aspects of life in Islington over at least the last 150 years. The plan has been that individuals undertake their own research, drawing on the group for support and enthusiasm. Hopefully we can move this group to a securely formed group over shortly.
This new group(s) had a lot of initial but diverse interest. Again it started just as the covid restrictions were easing and summer here. So after one well attended gentle introductory ride we agreed that we would wait until autumn for further activity. A keen cyclist from Crouch End approached us about organising a long ride in September, and with support from his son offered an excellent ride from Hadley Wood Station. Sadly only one other member participated. This group (or possibly two groups) still feels as though it has great potential, but it does need keen leaders and it needs people to make the leap from wanting to do this to actually doing so. In other words the leaders will need considerable empathy and patience as well as cycling skill.

Poetry Writing
Play with words. Explore. Share.
A spin off from our Creative Writing group, this new group is looking for more members. It is to be held once a month at the coordinators home in N16, probably in the afternoon on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, but day and time are flexible, depending on members. Contact Judith for more information.

French Conversation
We've had a waiting list for places in a French Conversation group for quite along time, so it's great news that we are able to set up this new group. Level Intermediate/Advanced. Thanks Elsa! Contact Judith for more information.

Art — iPad Drawing and Painting
Again the first of these was full so we're starting up another. Members will support each other in exploring the many uses of their iPad. All we need is a person willing to organise the meetings and keep in touch with the members. Contact Judith for more information.

Film — German Language
Being formed. For further information contact Isabel on

If you are interested in joining or supporting any of the above Groups please contact Vivek at or Judith at



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