September 2021 Issue 1
'It All Depends on Us'

What's On
Thursday 09 September, Monthly Meeting: log on from 9.30; the meeting will begin at 10.00am: Esuantsiwa Goldsmith: Only-ness and Belonging. Esua discusses the themes of mixed-race identity over six decades of history. Travel, love, family, comradeship, politics, anti-racism, feminism and much more are explored in her presentation, and more can be enjoyed in her recently released memoir "The Space between Black and White" (Jacaranda Publishing, 2020). For details, see the What's On page here. Zoom details:
Meeting ID: 896 2246 4567  Passcode: 321193

Thursday 16 September, Coffee Morning: 11.00am-12.30pm, in N13 6HE. Please email, if you'd like to attend.

Tuesday 21 September, IT Drop In Help Session: from 3.00pm. Normal Zoom link details.

Monday 04 October, 2.30-4.30pm, iU3A Open Day: Hurrah! Our ever-popular Open Day is back! A chance to see what Groups we now have and consider joining something new or to bring a friend who might like to join iU3A. It will be held as usual at the Resource Centre (next to Waitrose), 356 Holloway Road N7 6PA.

While the Summer Party offered many members the first chance in a long time to meet many members again, if you missed that chance then come along to the Open Day to re-acquaint yourself. See what our nearly 80 groups are doing and find out more about other activities. Non-members are welcome, so do bring any friends who might be interested to find out more about what we do and join us.
There are leaflets publicising the Open Day in the local libraries and in some charity shops. If there is anywhere near you where you could put some please email Anne Weyman at and she’ll send them to you.

Membership Renewal: you'll soon be getting an email from Joy, our Membership Secretary, about this.

Groups and Courses
We are nearly up to all Groups open and functioning again. We've lost a couple of Groups over the pandemic period but are just about at 80 groups again with some more 'Time-limited' new groups starting shortly. You can see them all listed on our website or come to the Open Day (details above) to see what's on offer.

Zumba/‘Zoomba’ Dance: Jeanie is proposing to start a new online dance group. It will probably start online — more info next month. But she is looking for some tech support, for example how to compile the music tracks, then play, pause, repeat them etc. in the classes. Also suggestions for good dance tracks, including warm-ups and cool-downs. If you are willing to help then drop Jeanie a note at:

The Power and Politics Group has completed its summer taster programme to help it decide what it will do next. The outcome is that the Group will double the number of discussions it holds in a month. At 2.30pm on the first Friday of the next 11 months, members will discuss one of the Letters on Liberty. Each Letter stakes a claim for how to forge a freer society in the here and now. At 2.30pm on the third Friday of the next 11 months, the Group will discuss the video lectures from a course called Moral Foundations of Politics. The central question that this course tries to answer is: What makes a government legitimate? The course compares and contrasts five traditions of political philosophy (Utilitarianism, Marxism, Social Contract Theory, Anti-Enlightenment and Democratic) to do this. The aim of this more flexible approach is to allow members to join one or two series of discussions each month. If you would like to join either or both sets of discussions, please email Vivek at Further information on the New Groups webpage here.

Other Time-limited Groups being formed are: Social Media in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges and Slow Book Group on The Future of Merit. Details are on our New Groups webpage here.

Other Opportunities and Extras
Hybrid Meetings: we can support Groups who need extra equipment to hold hybrid meetings. We do need help to support this initiative so if you are willing please contact us at

Historical Leisurely Walks around Islington: some free guided walks are available. See our Other Opportunities webpage here.

Green Tips & Tricks: Fast fashion items are often made from synthetic fibres such as polyester. These fibres take many years to decompose if landfilled. When washed, microplastic fibres can end up in oceans — so buy clothes made of natural materials, responsibly sourced.

It All Depends on Us
If you'd like to help run your u3a please do add your name to our volunteers list: contact Sally on We need more volunteers to help drop leaflets at more locations. Still looking for a successor to Judith as Groups Coordinator. Can you help? Need more 'tech' support to help Group Coordinators with their 'hybrid' meetings.

General concerns or queries: Please call us on: 07784 336219 or email

Bulletin compiled by Wil Ransome. For any contributions to Bulletin content please email them here.