WilsonShared learning among group members on the use of Apple iPads.

Group Coordinator Jean Wilson (click to contact).

Normally the second Monday of the month, 3.30-5.00pm.

Normally at a private house near Highbury and Islington station.

This is a mixed-competence group that is neither tutored nor expert-led. Members are responsible for their own learning but the group is friendly, informal and mutually supportive. Competence levels: we have joiners asking "How do I switch on this gift from my son/daughter?" (only a slight exaggeration!) as well as people who have been using their iPads regularly for a couple of years wanting to move up a level.

We define success in terms of whether we have:

•    had fun AND
•    learned more/more enjoyably than we would have done without the group AND
•    passed on knowledge and know-how to other members as we become more proficient.

We have regular meetings as indicated above but we may look into attending some Apple Store workshops.

Some members do extra work on a voluntary basis such as preparing a topic to present informally at a core meeting or 'buddying up' with another member to go over a topic in more depth.

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