Derek HarwoodThe Amblers will walk up to five miles at a medium pace.

Group Coordinator: Derek Harwood (click to contact)       

We will start with one walk each month on varying days of the week. If there is enough support and others are prepared to lead some walks, we will then increase the frequency.


All walks will be fairly local but with some public transport (to the start or from the finish).

Due to the popularity of our current walking groups and the range of members' walking abilities we are setting up this new walking group, for 'Amblers'. Up to about 5 miles in length and walked at a medium rate, thus fitting in between our 'Leisurely Walk' group (up to 3 miles at a slow pace) and our 'Shorter Walks' group (5 to 7 miles at a moderate pace). If you are interested in joining this group and/or leading one of the walks, or interested in being the group's Coordinator, please email Derek at amblers.iu3a@gmail.com.

If you are interested in joining this new group please use the email link above to advise the Group Coordinator or join online through the Members' System ('Beacon') here.

We won't have sign-ups per walk you can just turn up on the day. But if you are late we won't be expecting you so we won't wait for you.

In addition to this Group if you don't see what you like here, you might want to look at our other walking groups. See our full groups listing here.

Our Next Amble
You'll be able to see dates and details of our next walks here. If you want to volunteer to lead one of these walks (help will be provided regarding the admin., etc) please use the contact link at the top to drop Derek an email.

Monday 16 October, Capital Ring, Hackney Wick to Beckton: meet at Highbury and Islington by 10.00am and over ground to Hackney Wick. More details to follow later.

Monday 13 November, Capital Ring, Beckton to Woolwich: details to follow later.

Recent Walks
September, Clissold Park to Hackney Wick: we continued our trek along the Capital Ring picking up from where we left off in August. Benefitting from the traffic calming measures in place along Church St we meandered through Stoke Newington taking in Abney Cemetery. Unfortunately the main entrance/exit of Abney Cemetery is under renovation so we could only do a short tour of the overgrown resting place. From there we weaved our way to Springfield park then picking up the River Lee followed it south through Hackney Marshes. We stopped for refreshement just before the Olympic Park and and then turned off to reach Hackney Wick. Details here.

Capital Ring, Highgate to Stoke Newington: after climbing the steep path from Priory Gardens through Highgate Spinney, we (three of us) crossed over to the south part of the Parkland Walk. This was once part of a railway line and is now a very pleasant walk to Finsbury Park. It was a lovely sunny day and this part of the walk provided plenty of shade. We viewed the deserted platforms, artwork and Green Man en route. Arriving in Finsbury Park we made for the cafe for refreshment and viewed the lake. After our break we continued through the McKenzie gardens and followed the New River walk, which was mercifully dry underfoot, round to Green Lanes. Then it was a short walk to Clissold Park, where the last of the group left. Details here.

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