Howard RichmondA relaxing form of exercise.

Group Coordinators: Howard Richmond (click to contact)

3.00pm on Wednesdays: 11 January, 18 January, 25 January, 1 February, 8 February, 15 February 2023

Walter Sickert Community Centre, Canonbury Cres, London N1 2FB.


Howard Richmond has been studying, practising and teaching Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over 40 years. His teacher all that time has been Master Kam Chuen Lam and Howard is one of his senior teachers.  

This series will teach:
•    General warm up exercises
•    Standing Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung postures ("5 energies 6 postures")
•    Eight fine treasures (stretching exercises)
•    Golden Ball Tai Chi
•    Moving Chikung Exercises
•    Master Lam's Tai Chi Small Circle form

This form of Tai Chi is very gentle and static or slow moving. It does normally involve standing but some of it can be done sitting. While suitable for all ages and fitness levels it is particularly suitable for older people. Fairly solid research shows it is good for balance and can lessen the likelihood of falls as we get older.


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