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Howard StoneThis group will discuss contemporary issues that confront our modern lives.

Group Coordinator: Howard Stone (click to contact)
Supported by: Hilary Stone

The group will meet on the afternoon of the first Thursday in the month from 2.30pm to 4.00pm

Usually online at present

This group considers issues that affect sustainable modern life. The scope is broad, varies according to members’ interests, and considers environmental, sustainability and ecology issues affecting life here or elsewhere. See our future and past Programme below. Group members or other speakers lead discussions, or guide visits at locations of interest. A brief introduction to the next topic/visit may be circulated to Green Issues group members in advance. iU3A members are invited to join Sustainable Living through 'Beacon' (the members’ communication system) or by emailing the Group Coordinator via the email link above.

Our Programme
Details will be issued to members.

Previous Events
The Sustainable Living group (Hilary Stone) spoke to the full iU3A membership. You can read her presentation here.
The group has had various meetings, presentations and visits. Some of these are listed below.

Presentations and Discussions:
  • Retrofitting planning policies here
  • Islington Council ‘net zero carbon’ intentions for buildings here
  • Assessment of wall insulation alongside heating electrification here
  • Some standards and regulations relevant to greenwash here
  • Personal carbon footprint calculators here
  • Tyre oil pyrolysis by Mary Sweere of Fluid Ice (treating 20,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres annually)
  • LBI’s plans to tackle Air Pollution by Jo Corrall, Environmental Project Officer. Presentation here.
  • Pedal Me — a London bicycle taxi and delivery company here
  • The Circular Economy here
  • Eco-refurbishment of a London Victorian house
  • Is China really going green? here
  • A member’s home in Iowa, USA, powered by renewables
  • LBI’s Zero Energy Network See  here 1 here 2
  • Renewable technologies: prospects & costs. See more details here.
  • Packaging waste here
  • SHINE: small changes to help home water & energy efficiency here
  • Vehicle idling & training
  • LB Islington recycling & rubbish. See the presentation here
  • Plastic pollution here 1 here 2
  • Members’ green tips and tricks. See more details here
  • GIG Green Directory (produced by this Group) here

Visits to:
  • Romshed organic (but livestock) farm here
  • The recycling sorting company is Bywaters, details here  They are responsible for sorting & recycling Islington's waste. (fyi it's powered by 4000 solar panels!)
  • A member’s modern Certified Passivhaus home in London
  • North London sustainable energy recycling and resource management company here

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