Dissatisfaction with democVivek
                      Nandaracy — or the way it is implemented — appears to be growing. This Bite Sized Group of eight sessions will start by looking at whether we feel democracy is failing, and if so, where and how, identifying the causes of the present malaise. It will go on to explore and assess different approaches to improving the way citizens interact with the democratic process; and finish by asking whether we can do anything to change the present system, if we don’t like what we’ve got now.

Group Coordinator: Vivek Nanda (click to contact)

Every other Thursday at 4.00 pm for about 90 minutes from late October to late February.

We will meet in person on Thursday 28 October 2021 to get acquainted.
Subsequent meetings will on Zoom on 11 November, 25 November, 9 December, 13 January 2022, 27 January, 10 February with some members joining individually and others in small groups.
The final meeting on 24 February will be in person to reflect on what we have learned and what some members might want to do next.

This Bite Sized Group will adopt a blended format with a face to face meeting for the first and last meetings and Zoom meetings for the other six discussions, which will be supported by a range of videos and podcasts that will be sent beforehand by email.

So that potential members have a sense of some of the issues we will be discussing over the lifetime of the group, you may want to watch the event posted on Youtube by Open Britain to mark International Democracy Day in September, with a panel hosted by Gavin Esler. It does run for an hour and a half but is a thought-provoking  introduction to the subject matter. 

28 October at 4.00 pm: Face to Face Meetup to introduce ourselves to each other, and perhaps share our own experiences relating to democracy.

11 Nov11 November at 4.00 pm: Democracy — where are we now and where are we heading?

25 Nov25 November at 4.00 pm: Electoral reform — how much of a say do we really have under our present system?

9 Dec9 December at 4.00 pm: Cleaning up politics — and public life generally.

13 Jan13 January at 4.00 pm: Wellbeing — its potential as a new focus for democracy.

27 Jan27 January at 4.00 pm: Deliberative democracy — citizens’ assemblies and climate change.

10 Feb10 February at 4.00 pm: Other experiments in democracy, especially at local level.

24 Feb24 February at 4.00 pm: Face to Face Meetup to reflect on what we have learned and what some members might want to do next as a Group.


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