ConderThe group is particularly aimed at members living on their own. It will develop in a way determined by its members.

Group Coordinator: Lucy Conder (click to contact)

The MOTO group meets at various times.

Various locations in Islington.


A social group with a difference. Members are putting a positive spin on living without spouses or partners and want to participate in and organise interesting events, outings and activities with people in the same situation. Some of the activities may well take place at those times when other people are involved with family, ie on Sundays and other holidays. So far we have had two meetings on a Sunday lunchtime in restaurants to discuss how to develop a distinctive set of activities.

We expect members to volunteer to organise visits and experiences that may appeal to varying numbers of other members of the group, from just going to a one-off talk with one or two others, to arranging a group holiday abroad — it’s up to us. Ideas and invitations will be posted via Beacon to members and signing up for particular dates will mostly be necessary. Sub-Groups may form.

Could be revolutionary. Regular meetings open to the whole group are certainly important but whether they're coffee mornings or sunny picnics is not yet clear.

The full lookahead date information will be visible in the 'Beacon' members' system. The link to Beacon for iU3A members is here. Once you've clicked there, sign in with your personal details, then on the Home page click on 'Calendar of meetings and events'. You'll see all groups listed there; at the top line next to 'Group', in the gap select the drop-down menu arrow; scroll down
to MOTO, click that, then only the relevant dates will be shown. 

Our Recent Meetings
Nothing to record yet. A record of past outings and visits will be added later.


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