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Roberta LevensonGeneral conversation in Italian.

Group Coordinator: Roberta Levenson

Normally on the third Friday of the month at 11.00am. However when Roberta is on extended leave and therefore unavailable on that day, there will be two meetings in the subsequent month on dates to be confirmed. Roberta will email all group members well in advance of the dates.

A pub near Highbury Corner (currently now on Zoom).

As of 5th February 2021 the Italian group will meet fortnightly on Zoom. The group has lively conversation in Italian over a cappuccino.

Christmas LunchHere is the group enjoying Christmas lunch at La Divina on Upper Street.

Our conversation is based on topics of interest to group members — and is relaxed and friendly. To benefit from and enjoy the class you need to have good conversational Italian. Join us to maintain and improve your fluency. Come along and talk (in Italian) about your Italian adventures.

Visit to Palermo (April 2018): the group had a very enjoyable trip to Palermo. A full visit report can be viewed here.

Viaggi in Italia

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