This group provides help for members regarding computers, tablets or smartphones.

Group Contact: (click to contact)

Meetings are monthly the 3rd Tuesday in the month, from 2.30pm. See programme dates at the bottom of this page.

These are a mixture of online and face-to-face in a members house in Highbury.

iU3A has had a group of members who have helped other members with their queries or problems with their computers, tablets or smartphones. Previously this has included drop-in help sessions. It is hoped that the support function can be extended through this group.

If you want to offer your help in answering member queries please use the above contact link. We are well supported on the Microsoft side but could do with more help from someone with good experience with Apple products.

How We Can Help
Using a computerFirstly our drop-in help sessions: these are a regular feature in iU3A now and allow iU3A members with any query they have regarding their computers, tablets or smartphones to drop in and receive guidance from other iU3A members. With this cross-learning and the use of Google search or equivalent we hope to solve most problems. See the dates of these below.

Secondly our Helpline: if you can't make the drop-in sessions or need a quicker service then for any help with your computer, tablet or smartphone you could try our helpline. We will share out the issues raised between our iU3A experts and hopefully solve your issue. See contact details below.

Thirdly guides: we have developed some Guides on some points raised previously by members. You can see these below. We also hold physical classroom-style events (currently suspended) where we cover a variety of specific topics. These are presented from a 'no-knowledge' level to a more advanced level. Currently instead we are hosting fortnightly Zoom IT Support sessions - details in the Bulletins.

Dates for these drop in sessions are as follows; all will start at 2.30pm. The Zoom links will be sent out in the Bulletins/WOW. They will be once a month, on the third Tuesday of every 1 month eg:

  • 21 May
  • 18 June: with Facebook expert in attendance
  • 16 July
  • 20 August
  • 17 September
  • 15 October (TBC)
  • 19 November
  • December, no meeting
You can give us feedback from these Zoom sessions by completing this Feedback Form. Thanks.

Queries, Tips and Guides
If you have a problem or a general inquiry
with your computer, tablet or smartphone and you need a bit of help, then you could try our helpline. Send your query with details to We will then contact you and try to assist and resolve any issue.

If it is a specific query regarding the use of Zoom then contact Vivek on:

We hope to publish here some helpful guidance on common problem areas. Here are some:
01. Mailto Protocols
02a. Cloud Storage
02b. Apple iCloud and Photos
03. Beacon Membership System
04. Links
05. Cookies & Backups
06a. Copy & Paste for Apple iPhones & iPads
06b. Copy & Paste for MS Windows
07. External Resources, File Conversion, PDFs
08. Troubleshooting on your PC
09. Tips for iPhone & iPads
10. Zoom on a PC but Using Phone Camera
11. Using 'Apps' on your Smartphone
12. Browser & Search Engines
13a. Screenshots for Apple iPhones & iPads
13b. Screenshots for MS Windows
14. Internet Connection Speeds
15. Scanning without a Printer
16. Managing your Android Phone from your PC
17. Internet Security
18. Username and Passwords
19. Battery Saver
20. Easy Access (in MS Windows)
21. Update MS Office
22. How to Block Tracking Apps
23. Tips for MS Windows 10 & 11
24. File Explorer
25. What to do before your smartphone is lost or stolen
We also have a general tutorial covering above here.

London Region have produced some Zoom guides. These are visible here:
SPG009-Zoom Guide for Hosts
SPG010-Zoom Guide for Participants

In addition to the two SPGs on Zoom above for further guidance see here: Zoom Tutorial

The Third Age Trust (national office) are hosting Digital Eagles events. For further information see here.
If you are looking for some guidance on matters like scams, hacks, phishing, then you might like to have a look at Crawley u3a's webpage on these sort of topics: Crawley Scamwatch

If you are looking for something different you might find this a useful source (but some of the Guides may be out of date) at: Ravenshead U3A IT Guides. Or another source through Exmouth u3a: Exmouth Computer Group.

AbilityNet (through BT their sponsor) offer free guides as well. Scroll down their page here: BT Digital Training Guides

Here is a tip re scams, how can you tell, take the test here.

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