MellorThe Group chooses a period in history and researches what happened at that time across the world. We each choose a subject that takes our fancy, read around it, and then talk about it.

Group Coordinator: Carol Mellor (click to contact)]

Fortnightly at 2.00pm on the second and fourth Mondays of the month.

In a private house in Barnsbury. The sessions last about 2 hours with discussion, including tea and biscuits.

This group has looked at the 5th, 12th and 17th centuries, and we are now embarked on the long 18th century (1700-1815). This is a DIY group, with everyone taking it in turns to make a presentation, which could be five minutes long, twenty minutes or an hour. We find the research fun, (many thanks to Wikipedia!), and welcome input from all. Everyone has a free choice of topics, which often reflect the individual’s interests. The topics chosen are wide-ranging; not just wars and politics, but lives of notable people, artists, philosophers, scientists, religious thinkers, writers, explorers. It is not just British History, but truly global. In the 12th century topics included churches, metal and enamel work, Abelard and Heloise, central Asia, Byzantium and Cambodia. In the 17th, the East Indies, the new colonies in North America, Shogun Japan, Ming and Manchu China, the first sightings of Australia and New Zealand, a little Ice Age and the Sun King. The 18th century promises to be equally diverse and fascinating.

We’re not historians, but history does fascinate us. How does the past influence the present? We know little but learn from each other as we go along. Talking in a small, friendly group is not at all daunting. No previous experience in necessary.




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