NewtonA chance to practise your German conversation

Group Co-ordinator: Inge Newton (click to contact)

Fortnightly on alternate Tuesdays of each month at 11.00am.

At the Coordinator's house in Canonbury.

We are a small, welcoming group of people who are generally interested in German art, culture and society. We talk in German about a wide range of topics informally over a cup of coffee. Topics are chosen by the group and may include discussing political events, a film, an exhibition or a poem. Depending on members’ suggestions, we may also read a short newspaper article or meet at a gallery or a German-related event offered elsewhere in London.

The group is supported by the co-ordinator who is a native speaker and an experienced professional.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to practise your German in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere and your language ability is at intermediate level or above.




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