We discuss economic matters.

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Group Coordinator: Tess Gill (click to contact)

2.30pm on Mondays from 25 April 2022.

Hybrid: at a pub in Islington and also on Zoom

We set up this group because we felt that traditional market economics does not provide many of the answers and solutions that the world needs to solve its very urgent problems. We therefore do not want to restrict our discussion to traditional market economics but explore what is often termed “new economics”, which we think provides interesting and relevant alternatives.

Since the beginning of this group all members have shared together a wealth of opinions, questions and a diversity of ideas that we all benefited from and would not normally have come into contact with. We do not view economics as a precise science but rather depending upon politics, sociology, anthropology, history, climatology and other social sciences.

We are a short term group that new members can join beginning Monday 25 April 2022. We will be meeting fortnightly from April 25 for seven weeks. We welcome new members; please apply to Tess Gill through the email address provided.

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