Meet other members and learn horansomew to solve cryptic crossword puzzles and improve your skills.

Group Coordinator: Wil Ransome (click to contact)

Normally the first Monday of every month at 2.30pm. But we agree the exact date and time dependent on members' commitments.

Members' homes in the Islington area.

Each month members are given some crosswords and at the meeting we discuss solutions. Then we have a break for tea and afterwards attempt another crossword. The group is for puzzle solvers at all levels.

If you want help with some of these crosswords, these links may be of use. Click here for the Independent etc., here for The Times and the Times Quick Cryptic and here for the Telegraph.

The crosswords for homework are emailed halfway through the month, and the third crossword is emailed a day before the meeting.

In August 2022 we compiled a crossword here. Why not print it out and have a go? Here are the answers.

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