DicksonDiscussion of a varied selection of books, chosen by members, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Group Coordinator: Isabel Dickson (click to contact)

Third Wednesday in the month, at 10.30am.

A private house in Highbury.

We have no particular agenda, just an openness to reading a variety of books proposed by members, who usually present the group with at least three books from which to choose. In some cases members prefer to present books they have read with enthusiasm and want to share with the group, but in the majority of cases we are all new to the book, if not the author. We read both fiction and non-fiction — some of us even being persuaded to overcome an aversion to autobiography! Our reading is not restricted to British English: we have read Canadian, American and Australian books. A selection of books we have read are:

Flight Behaviour White BeechThe Last KestrelRothschild's BuildingsAlice MunroOld Filth

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