CoulsonVisiting interesting buildings old and new in London.

Group Coordinator: Nick Coulson (click to contact)

3rd Thursdays of the month at 10.30am.

Details of the meeting place each month will be emailed to members

London is a treasure trove of interesting buildings. There is an enormous variety of wonderful buildings often cheek by jowl in our city. Most of us and the tourists know a very few buildings which you have to pay to see and are crowded out. But there are many outstanding buildings that are less well known.

Typically the architecture group will visit one such hidden gem from London’s rich history, and usually be able to go inside. We will also walk around and look at other buildings, old and new, nearby.

We will focus on one building and visit the interior. Walking round nearby buildings afterwards we will talk about how we respond to them and why. We will discuss their place in the social environment at the time they were built and their place in the ongoing history of architecture. We will also look at their features and styles and relate these to the history of architecture.

The West End, the City and Islington are ideal environments to do this as diverse buildings of different functions and periods lie close to one another. If discussion warrants we can continue in a café.

So this will not be a “history of architecture” and it will not be a tour of the “top ten” buildings of London. It will be a half mile or so walk around a small fragment of the town with buildings of very varied quality, anchored by a visit (mostly inside) to a significant but lesser known work of architecture. This should give us the chance to feel a bit elevated, to pool our opinions, learn a little and enjoy ourselves.

This group has just restarted with a new co-ordinator, and so there is no history of previous meetings. The new Group Coordinator is an Architect. He welcomes suggestions for buildings to be visited from members. Members are encouraged to contribute to the programme.

Our Future Meetings
The current details for group members are available now on the Beacon Members portal here.

Special meeting for full membership, details are here: Arch Walk and the recording can be viewed here: Recording.

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