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This page shows the next main events happening in iU3A. But if you would like to find out more about what's on across the London Region or at the national level of The Third Age Trust have a look on the What's On Regionally & Nationally page.

Special Events — Diary Dates for 2018/19
Monday 15 April — Highclere Castle: this will be our first Outing in 2019. Full information of this Outing can be found here. Registration & signing up for this Outing open now here.

Thursday 06 June — Theatre Visit: a bit in advance but a chance for you to reserve the date. We will be returning to the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park this time to see The Last Temptation Of Boris Johnson by Jonathan Maitland. This theatre visit is open to all iU3A members. The cost of tickets (which will include a glass of wine/soft drink) will depend on the ticket take-up but is expected to be a little under £33.30 for Band A seats, £28.80 (£22.30 if you are over 65) for Band B and £26.30 (£22.30 if you are over 65) for Band C. Please contact Sue Welsford ( to reserve your ticket, indicating which price band you would prefer.

Sunday 16 June — Clues Trail: this will be the first of two of these popular events in 2019. Location and other details to follow. But reserve the date now!

Monday 24 June — Strawberry Hill House Outing: the details for this Outing can now be viewed here. Registration is now open here. Once you register you will be sent details of how you can pay.

Wednesday 28 August — Clues Trail: reserve the date now. Further details to follow.

Future iU3A Outings
Our programme of Outings for 2019 so far is:
  • Highclere Castle (Monday 15 April) — see above
  • Strawberry Hill (Monday 24 June) — see above
  • Windsor boat trip (September),
  • Christmas market (December).
Further details to follow on all of these.

Hopefully we will also have some others to fill in the year's schedule. Like all iU3A activities it will depend on whether we get people willing to organise future Outings. If you are willing to organise an Outing or just have some ideas for Outings, please send them to our Outings Coordinator here.

Monthly Meetings
Our monthly meetings always have an interesting and entertaining speaker (and plenty of time to meet and chat to other iU3A members). Strictly members only (though you can join at the meeting), they are held generally on the fourth Thursday of each month but there a few wrinkles this year. The specific dates are: 21 March, 25 April, 23 May, 27 June, 25 July, 19 September, 24 October, 28 November.
They are always at Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, N7 6PA (next to the Nags Head Waitrose). Registration opens at 9.45am for a prompt 10.30am start. Please remember to bring your membership card and (if you've got one) your plastic badge holder.
This venue is accessible.

21 March — Robin Weiss, MRobin Weissolecular Biologist: 'Two Gentlemen of Verona — a Brief History of Contagious Diseases'. Robin Weiss PhD is Emeritus Professor of Viral Oncology at University College London. He was previously Director of the Institute of Cancer Research, Royal Marsden Hospital. For most of his career Robin studied viruses, especially those that cause cancer or AIDS, focussing on how cancer viruses and HIV enter and alter the cells that they invade. His studies of HIV also led to the screening tests used by blood banks and highlighted the problem of developing an HIV vaccine. Robin’s contribution to our knowledge of viruses has been recognised by his election to the Royal Society and to the US National Academy of Sciences.

Robin's first gentleman is Girolamo Fracostoro (1478-1553), the physician who coined the term syphilis in an epic poem to describe this new disease, which he speculated had recently arrived from the New World. He went on to write the treatise De Contagione in which he postulated a germ theory of infectious diseases 300 years before Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch isolated the incriminating germs. His second gentleman is Domenico Rigoni Stern (1810-1855), a surgeon with a taste for medical records who discerned that the nuns of Verona developed breast cancer more frequently than married women did, yet seldom suffered from cervical cancer. He will discuss the contributions of the two gentlemen in the light of modern knowledge about the causes of transmissible diseases and of cancer.

25 April — Karen Thurman, Art Conservationist 'Photography as Art', RfL Conference Hall + Seminar 5

23 May — RfL, Seminar 2&3, speaker and subject to be announced
27 June — Prof Anne Power, subject to be announced, RfL Conference Hall + Seminar 5
25 July — RfL, Seminar 2&3
19 September — RfL, Seminar 2&3
24 October — RfL, Seminar 2&3
28 November — RfL, Seminar 2&3

Coffee Mornings
Coffee morningsOur iU3A coffee mornings are a popular way of getting to know other members. They take place around the borough, are always at 11.00 on varying days of the week and are free to iU3A members. In order to provide opportunities for all our members to attend, we limit attendance to a maximum of three coffee mornings per member per year (1st January to 31st December). The next coffee morning will be on:
  • Date and venue tbc
 Sally FoxOur coffee mornings are now organised by Sally Fox. To book up for any of the above coffee mornings please email Sally here. She will then advise you that you are booked, or if there are no spaces that you have been put on a reserve list. If you can't attend a coffee morning you've booked for, please let us know by emailing Sally (same link as above) to say you can't now make it.
We need more coffee morning hosts! Hosts seem to enjoy the mornings as much as their guests. If you would like to host one (expenses are reimbursed) please contact Sally for a chat.

Pub Lunches
iU3A's pub lunches provide an opportunity for members to meet each other in a social atmosphere. They take place monthly, around Islington. If you are buying a lunch the cost is around £10 to £12 with drinks being extra. If you'd like to come along to one of these please email Howard Stone here for more information or to reserve your place.

Howard StoneAll those held so far have attracted about 15 iU3A members per event who've enjoyed some good chat. While originally conceived to attract more male members there has been good support from the women members. Do come along and join us. Watch the regular Bulletin for information on exact actual timings for 2018 events and locations. But the following is the expected programme for the year:

  • Thursday 11 April
  • Tuesday 14 May
  • Wednesday 25 June
  • Thursday 31 July
  • Tuesday 13 August
  • Wednesday 25 September
  • Thursday 31 October
  • Tuesday 5 November
  • Wednesday 11 December


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