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May 2020 Issue 1

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What's On
Monthly Meeting, Thursday 28 May: the next one (as was April's, will be on Zoom) is on 'The Inside Story of Modern Dating' by Mary Balfour (see the What's On page here for more information). The invitation to join it will be issued to all members nearer the time as a reminder. See our supporting Zoom guides here. If you feel you are struggling to use Zoom send a query with your details to here. If you missed the April talk on Art Deco you can view the recording here (give it a few minutes to get going properly).

Death Cafés: after the success of the first of these we are running a series of them in association with Gentle Dusk & Future Matters. Monday 11th May, 2pm – 3.15pm; Tuesday 12th May, 10.30am – 11.45am; Wednesday 13th May, 10.30am – 11.45am; Thursday 14th May, 7pm – 8.15pm. These are all 'Zoom' meetings. If you want to attend email your interest (& preferred date) to Details on the What's On page here.

Pub Quiz, Monday 11 May: this will be an online Zoom competition kicking off at 7.00pm run by our usual quizmaster Jez. We have over 40 already taking part but if you missed the earlier announcement please apply to Mary White here to see if she can still fit you in.

On Thursday 14 May Prof. David Wilson is speaking about Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries and Preventing Plastics Entering the Sea. Professor David C Wilson M.B.E. specialises in high-level waste policy and strategy work and is one of the leading international experts on waste management in developing economies. He was lead author for the World Bank’s definitive Strategic Planning Guide for Municipal Solid Waste Management and is Visiting Professor in Waste Management at Imperial College, London. Our own Green Issues Group is opening up this session to the full membership. The meeting will start at 10.50am to get Zoom sorted before Dr. Wilson starts speaking at 11.00. He will finish at 11.30 leaving time for questions, which will end at 12:00 sharp.
The Zoom Meeting ID is 493-841-619. There is no password. The URL access is:

Virtual Coffee Mornings: Pub Lunches are being held online at the moment (contact Howard Stone here), and Coffee Mornings (run by Sally Fox, contact here) will shortly follow. Contact them if you want to join in for some chat.

New Groups
Future Food: Sustainable Food Systems for the 21st Century: a futurelearn four-week online course with a start date of 18 May, with group coordinator Kate Grant. Content: Food production has transformed our planet. 40% of the land’s surface is used for agriculture, soils and freshwater are under threat, and fisheries are over-exploited. Millions of smallholders face economic uncertainty, whilst four transnationals control the global grain supply. And, by 2050, we must feed 9 billion in the face of a changing climate. On this course, we’ll learn about these challenges in detail and discover potential solutions. We’ll consider the global food system as a whole, as we explore everything from individual food choice to the impact of agriculture on climate. How the group will ‘meet’: Participants will all follow the course materials online individually. They will also form a WhatsApp group to share short comments, and hold a weekly discussion using Zoom. Further information here. If you would like to join Kate in exploring this vitally important topic please email here: Kate Grant

Singing for Beginners: one of our members would love to take part in an online course with other iU3A members on Singing for Complete Beginners. She thinks, and we agree, that this could be popular but we need someone experienced to lead it. Might that be you? If so please contact Valerie here.

Online courses: is there a subject you’ve always wanted to explore? Would you like to join other iU3A members in an online learning group? Now is the perfect time to get going, so please fill in this questionnaire to let us know the kind of courses you’d like. Or just send an email to Valerie at: New Groups 

Interest Groups: about 34 of these have now moved online. Most use the Basic free package but iU3A does have two Pro accounts if you need enhanced functionality. If your Group needs support to go online using Zoom send a query with your details to

Advice and Support
You might want to look up our recent Bulletins and their reference material: they are on the News page here. Follow the links there in the first paragraph.

On your daily walk explore London's trees by following this link.
Whether you are walking or cycling, here is some information about Islington.

An Unbelievably Detailed, Hand-Drawn Map Lets You Explore the Rich Collections of the Met Museum here.

Volunteering - 'It All Depends On Us'
We are looking for a quiz master to run regular (weekly) quizzes online. Or have you thought about playing Consequences online? Want to form a group? Several other U3As have their own YouTube channel – want to work with others to set one up for iU3A? If you are interested in any of these please contact our Head of Volunteers, Sally Fox, here.


                    Bulletin May1

This week's quiz (answers in the next Bulletin):

Anna Hart found this quiz from some years ago when doing some isolation tidying:
1.  26 L of the A
2.  7 D of the W
3.  7 W of the W
4.  12 S of the Z
5.  66 B of the B
6.  52 C in a P (WJs)
7.  13 S in the USF
8.  18 H on a GC
9.  39 B of the OT
10.  5 T on a F
11.  90 D in a RA
12.  3 BM (SHTR)
13.  -32 is the T in DF at which WF
14.  15 P in a RT
15.  3 W on a T
16.  100 C in a R17.
17.  11 P in a F (S) T
18.  12 M in a Y
19.  13 is UFS
20.  8 T on an O
21.  29 D in F in a LY
22.  27 B in the NT
23.  365 D in a Y
24.  13 L in a BD
25.  52 W in a Y
26.  9 L of a C
27.  60 M in a H
28.  23 P of C in the HB
29.  64 S on a CB
30.  9 P in SA
31.  6 B to an O in C
32.  70 = TSY and T (BA)
33.  15 M on a DMC

Still three we can't do. Can you do better, so that we can give all the answers next time?

Answers to last week's James Bond quiz: 1. Goldfinger; 2.
From Russia With Love; 3. Doctor No; 4. The Living Daylights; 5.You Only Live Twice; 6. Octopussy; 7. The Man With The Golden Gun; 8. A View To A Kill; 9. Diamonds Are Forever; 10. Goldeneye; 11. Tomorrow Never Dies; 12. No Time To Die; 13. Moonraker; 14. The Spy Who Loved Me; 15. For Your Eyes Only; 16. Live And Let Die; 17. Licence To Kill (apologies for spelling mistake); 18. Thunderball; 19. Spectre; 20. Skyfall; 21. Quantum Of Solace; 22. Die Another Day; 23. The World Is Not Enough; 24.On Her Majesty's Secret Service; 25. Never Say Never Again

It was pointed out that one film was missing. Judith Altshul suggested "Say 'ciao', loner!"

Stay Healthy!

Bulletin compiled by Wil Ransome. For any Bulletin contributions please email here.