Islington U3A

April 2020 Issue 3

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What's On
Monthly Meeting, Thursday 28 May: after the successful last Zoom monthly meeting the next one is on 'The History of Dating' by Mary Balfour (see the What's On page here for more information). We hope that for this one there will no longer be a limit of 100 logging on. The invitation to join it will be issued to all members nearer the time as a reminder. See our supporting Zoom guides here. If you feel you are struggling to use Zoom send a query with your details to here. If you missed the April talk on Art Deco you can view the recording here (give it a few minutes to get going properly).

Death Café, Tuesday 28 April: this is the first of these specific events for iU3A following the presentation at the monthly meeting by Gentle Dusk. Further details were published in our Bulletin. This one is now full, but further ones will be arranged in May. Watch out for details in the Bulletin. How about starting an iU3A Death Planning Group — so members can support each other in what to put in their plan to help relatives and the emergency services? If you are interested please complete the short questionnaire here and that will reach our New Groups Coordinator, Valerie Iles. Thanks.

Pub Quiz, Monday 11 May: this will be an online Zoom competition kicking off at 7.00pm run by our usual quizmaster Jez. It will be run in 'virtual' teams which will communicate with each other through WhatsApp or by phone if they wish. Each team has one electronic scorecard which is then sent to Jez electronically for marking. This will be a free event. The link for the Zoom meeting will be sent to all who have registered. If you want to take part please apply to Mary White here by 03 May. You can register and  play with others of your choice (max 6) or you can register as an individual and we will allocate you to a team.

New Online Groups:  As we cannot meet in person at the moment, are you interested in joining a sociable, convivial online group to study a topic of your choosing? Might you be interested in leading one? Either way, please do fill in the online questionnaire mentioned below to tell us the subjects you are interested in. There is an exciting array of possibilities and now is an ideal time to try something you’ve always wanted to, or something completely new. We have sent you a direct email now on the subject with more details on this. In it was a list that might give you some ideas and you can view that here.

If you have your own ideas please complete the short questionnaire here and that will reach our New Groups Coordinator, Valerie Iles. Thanks.

Interest Groups: about 18 of these have now moved online. Most use the Basic free package but iU3A does have two Pro accounts if you need enhanced functionality. If your Group needs support to go online using Zoom send a query with your details to

Advice and Support
You might want to look up our recent Bulletins and their reference material: they are on the News page here. Follow the links there in the first paragraph.

iU3A Buddy/Support System: we have a network that are phoning members at least once a week just for a chat or some other form of support. If somehow you missed this inititative and would like another member in your area to contact you please drop an email to Judith here or phone (07784 336219).

A message from Islington Council Leader Richard Watts is here.

Exercise: we've mentioned previously Healthy Generations for various online exercise classes. See here for their latest offerings. They would all be suitable for iU3A members but they do cost £3.00 per class. Heather is leading the Pilates ones.

National Archive: free access to download records digitised by The National Archives is here. This might be of interest to many members and some Groups.

The National Office of U3A has been helping U3As across the country with ideas of how they can continue to offer activities to their members; Group Coordinators are being particularly helped to facilitate this. See their ideas here.

Netflix is making many Educational Documentaries free on its YouTube channel, which can be found here.

This free article from 2007 by Hilary Mantel might appeal to the Book Groups and also you may be interested in this article, about book groups going virtual.

Further free resources can be found here:
  1. Celebrate Cinema
  2. Become a Bookworm
  3. Let The Games Begin
  4. Tune In To An Old Radio Show
  5. Pick Up A New Hobby
  6. Listen To Live Concerts
  7. Do Some Exploring
The Music Groups may be interested in Holy Week chants from the Abbey of Jouques here, which is described in this Guardian article here.

Many Groups may be interested in the following free virtual tours, all to be found here:

Tourist Destinations
: The Great Wall Of China/Street Art with Google/Taj Mahal, Agra, India/Stonehenge/Colosseum, Rome/Northern Lights/Tour of Rome, Italy/Buckingham Palace, London/Pyramids/Machu Picchu/Virtual Japan

: Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy/Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands/ Louvre Museum Paris/Salvatore Dali Museum, Figueres, Spain/Smithsonian, Washington DC/Museum Of London Docklands/National Gallery, London/British Museum, London/ Natural History Museum, London/Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands/The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, United States/Musei Vaticani, Vatican City/Tate Britain, London/Met Museum, New York/MASP, Sao Paolo, Brazil/Guggenheim, Bilbao, Spain/ Musée d’Orsay, Paris/National Gallery Of Arts, Washington DC/Picasso Museum, Barcelona/Virginia Living Museum/Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia/Yale Centre For British Art/Royal Academy Of Arts, London/The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park/Women's History Museum, Virginia, USA/National Museum Of US Air Forces/The Museum of Flight/Anne Franke Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands/US Holocaust Museum/3D Virtual Exhibitions

A list of live virtual concerts to watch during the Coronavirus shutdown is here.

What the World Needs Now for Virtual Orchestra is here.

Many boredom-busting resources from Claire Ryan, who works for the NHS, are here.

Some variations on familiar songs are Homeward Bound, Sound of Silence and Friends Theme.

Volunteering - 'It All Depends On Us'
Time to spare now that some other iU3A activities have been cancelled? Then how about volunteering to write up 'Our Story' for 2019. We've been trying to write for each iU3A year an overview of our year's activities. You can see examples via the website here.  As you can see, we have a gap for 2018-19 ....... If you are interested contact our Head of Volunteers, Sally Fox, here.

New Activities: we also are looking for a quiz master to run regular (weekly) quizzes online. Or have you thought about playing Consequences online? Want to form a group? If you are interested in any of these please contact our Head of Volunteers, Sally Fox, here.

Donating: this appeal comes from a local resident:
"As I stood clapping last Thursday I thought I could do something more useful as grateful thanks to the NHS staff working tirelessly for us all at this dreadful time. I am sure you are like me isolating at home frustrated about being unable to help even in a limited capacity. The Royal London and Barts are currently ventilating over 100 COVID 19 patients, three times their normal capacity. They are also continuing to provide critical care to all the other patients cardio thoracic, stroke, Neuro trauma and other emergencies. I am thinking in particular of the night staff who spend long hours in the hospital with no cafeteria or hot meal sustenance and would like to collect some donations from you so we could provide a box of fresh fruit to each of the hospitals for the night staff — for once a week to start with depending on your generosity. So please dig deep. I've set up a Justgiving portal here and anything at all will be gratefully received."

Joke 1Covid Tracker: The Covid Symptom Tracker is recommended by BBC and other trustworthy bodies. The link to it is here. As you can see, they are short of people in the U3A age group.

A study: into hearing loss is being undertaken by UCL. Details here.

This week's quiz (answers in the next Bulletin):

19.    RESPECT
20.    SLY FLAK

If you have a quiz you want to share send it to Wil, contact details as below.

Answers to last week's Dingbats quiz: 1. Dr Doolittle; 2. Watership Down; 3. Three Piece Suite; 4. Kiss and Make Up; 5. Clean Underwear; 6. Six Feet Underground; 7. Blue Movie; 8. Tennis Shoes; 9. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly; 10. Frank Sinatra; 11. Side Salad; 12. The Three Musketeers; 13. All for one and one for all; 14. It fell off the back of a lorry; 15. West Indies; 16. Just Right; 17. Clerical Error; 18. What goes up must come down; 19. The final frontier; 20. One step forward, two steps back; 21. Glance Back; 22. Little House on the Prairie; 23. Six of one, half a dozen of another; 24. Long time no see.

Some emoji answers were inadvertently omitted from the last Bulletin. They were: 20. Barking; 21. Baker Street; 22. Hornchurch; 23. Earls Court. Apologies.

Stay Healthy!

Bulletin compiled by Wil Ransome. For any Bulletin contributions please email here.