Islington U3A

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Monthly Meeting & AGM
Thursday 28 November: registration opens from 9.30am at RfL at 356 Holloway Rd, London N7 6PA.
AGM (10.00): please come to hear your Chair's annual report and presentation of the accounts. We also need your vote to elect your Executive Committee.
1st Talk:
'Smithfield Market — Past, Present and Future' by Alec Forshaw, former Conservation Officer for the London Borough of Islington.
2nd Subject: Paul Gillett of IAM RoadSmart discussing a new driving licence.
See details of both talks on the What's On page here.

What's On/Dates for your Diary
Pub Lunches: the next one will be on Thursday 14 November at The Landseer (37 Landseer Rd, London N19 4JU). Lunch starts from 12.15pm and ends when the last members decide to leave. For more information contact Howard here.

Coffee Mornings: the next one will be on Wednesday 4 December in Stoke Newington. For more information contact Sally here.

Christmas Market Outing: book your place here now for this visit to Bath on Monday 02 December. Further details on the What's On page here.

Course: this is a new concept for iU3A, a different way for learning. Power and Politics in Today’s World: 'Today's World' ranges from the huge euphoria that accompanied the collapse of communism in the late 1980s to the politics of fear and resentment that has overtaken much of the world since 2016, focusing on how did we get from there to here, what comes next and what could lead us to a better politics? Professor of Political Science Ian Shapiro plans to answer these questions for Yale University students and share his lectures, which are about an hour long, as videos on YouTube. He introduces the course here. Our first meeting (on 17 January) will introduce the course, show people how to access it on their computer or smartphone, discuss different ways of covering the material and when to review progress. The idea is for Group members to see each subsequent lecture at home before coming together to discuss it once a month for about 90 minutes. It will meet at 10.30am on the 3rd Friday of each month. The series should last for about 11 sessions. If you are interested, please contact Sue Welsford here.

New Groups
At the last monthly meeting several contributed to discussions on Groups so thanks for that. From that meeting and other inputs came the following suggestions and ideas:

Creative Writing: 
a writers' workshop where members can share and discuss ideas, works-in-progress and finished pieces. Both experienced writers and beginners are welcome, as are all types of writing: e.g. fiction, memoir, poetry, other nonfiction, of any length. Members share issues that arise in their writing, discuss challenges and successes, read their work and listen to that of others, providing feedback and encouragement. This second Creative Writing group will begin in January. Places have been offered to members on the waiting list but there are still a couple of places available. It will meet in the afternoon on the 2nd Thursday of the month at a venue in Stoke Newington. If you are interested and would like to be put in touch with the coordinator please contact Sue Welsford here.
Family History Group: one or two members have indicated that they would like to have a Family History group. If you would be interested in joining such a group, especially if you could help with the organisation, please contact Sue Welsford here.
'Members On Their Own' (MOTO) Group:
a MOTO group would be specifically for people living alone who would like the company of others in the same situation. They would welcome the opportunity to join a group which might offer activities during the day, in the evening and at weekends. The group would be self-supporting, agreeing their own parameters and deciding for themselves how they want to arrange their activities. The activities would be as varied and as eclectic as the group members themselves. MOTO is not a lunch club although Sunday lunches are popular. It would be just like any other Islington U3A group with its own co-ordinator and deciding how it wished to proceed (frequency of meetings, events, locations etc) and what it wanted to do. If you are interested in this suggestion please contact Sue Welsford here.
Nordic Walking:
one of our members has offered to run a couple of training sessions for people keen to learn the Nordic Walking technique. The one-hour sessions will be held in Finsbury or Clissold Park. It is hoped that this may then turn into a regular iU3A group. If you would like to join the training sessions please contact Sue Welsford here.
Rusty Russian? A member has asked if anyone else is interested in a mutual support group for brushing up long-unused Russian reading or speaking skills. If this might be you then please contact Sue Welsford here.

U3A Survey
The National U3A is carrying out one of its periodic surveys of members’ views. This will only be going to a sample of members so we do not know to whom it is being sent. Nonetheless if you receive it do please complete and return as indicated, and it will be very helpful in developing U3A activities. If you have any queries about this survey please contact our secretary Chris Bulford here.

Bulletin compiled by Wil Ransome. For any Bulletin contributions please email here.