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Interest groups are at the core of Islington U3A and reflect the knowledge, skills and expertise of members. iU3A already has over 30 groups to offer. The topics range from crafts to philosophy, from local walks to global history. Many groups are based on equal participation, while others (for example the language groups) have an expert leader. A majority of groups meet in members’ homes, providing a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. All groups are informal - inspired and enthused by their members.

Current Groups

Our current groups are listed below. Click on any group below to learn more about the group and how it works and to contact the group co-ordinator.

Art in London
Book Group - Monday
Book Group - Wednesday
Concert Visits
Craft Circle
Creative Writing
Cryptic Crosswords
Current Affairs
Exploring London
Film - Classic
Film - Current
French Basic Conversation
French Conversation
German Conversation
History in a Global Context
Italian Conversation
Local History
Middle East
Music Circle
Opera Visits
Painting and Drawing
Presenting Poetry
Spanish Conversation
Theatre Visits
Walks - Local
Walks - Longer

You can see these groups listed by subject area (with very brief descriptions) by clicking here
To see the monthly timetable of group meetings click here

New Groups

The development of new groups depends entirely on the talents and creativity of Islington U3A members. We welcome new ideas and will explore all suggestions put forward by members. We are currently exploring proposals for nine or ten new interest groups. Members have been invited to say which groups they might like to join, and whether they would be interested to help organise one. We were delighted that over 60 members expressed interest in participation in a new group, often in more than one. We are now planning the next steps. In some cases we have a lots of interest and a potential co-ordinator. In other cases we have interest but need more discussion to see how we can get things moving. In just a couple of cases, it seems that there was limited interest in the idea put forward (which does not mean that a similar idea would not attract interest in the future). We are not quite ready to announce new groups (or indeed to say that others will not go ahead at present). Watch this space, we will post a full update soon.

If you would be interested in helping with a new group or if you have a new suggestion for a new groups, you can contact Barry Mason, who is responsible for groups development, by clicking here


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