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                        ConnellThis group will discuss contemporary issues that confront our modern lives.

Group Coordinator: Liz Connell (click to contact)

The group will meet on the morning of the second Thursday in the month, 10.30-12.00

Normally in a public building in Islington.

This group will discuss contemporary issues that confront our modern lives such as recycling and plastics and non-fossil fuels. The programme of topics will be determined by the members of the group. The scope will be broad to provide for suggestions and perspectives from group members about their particular interests. Some basic introductory material will be distributed before each meeting to encourage participation. There is the possibility of having speakers or experts from local green groups and of visiting establishments such as the local recycling centre. If you are an iU3A member you can join this group through 'Beacon' (the members system) or by emailing the Group Coordinator at the email address above. The subjects we wish to address will be selected by the group members.  

Our Programme
We're keeping a list of other topics suggested by members for future months.
Green Issues topics selected for the next period:

Visit to London Energy ( which  provides sustainable energy, recycling and resource management to North London. Their aim is to see no waste sent to landfill: they operate Reuse and Recycling Centres for household materials, & where recycling isn’t possible burn energy for waste — enough to power more than 80,000 homes and businesses in North London. In doing so they divert more than 698,000 tonnes of waste from landfill each year, saving approx. 300,000 tonnes of CO2 each year

To be advised later
Possible subjects:
•    ‘Packaging Waste’: a talk by Hilary Stone, Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Environmental Control  & Waste Management at Imperial College. The topic will cover inappropriate packaging, smart materials & the law.
•    'Is China really going Green?': a talk by journalist Isabel Hilton who created and edits bilingual website China Dialogue

Follow the links here to see some interesting presentations from 'ZEN':

Previous Subjects Covered
At the first meeting of the group in September we came up with a list of topics which meet with general approval. Subjects covered previously include:

May: Green Tips & Tricks: members shared their ideas for living sustainably. We all know we should be reducing our consumption of the earth's resources but it's not always easy to know how. See more details here.
April:  Renewables: a personal story — Mary Ann Peters’ talk about her experience of designing a home powered by renewables 20 years ago in Iowa.
March:  Renewables: Technologies, Prospects and Costs by Roger Hamilton. See more details here.
February:  Vehicle Idling: the Idling Action London team delivered training on this topic, including how to approach drivers & persuade them to turn off their engines (
January:  A Low Energy Home — visit to a group member's Passivhaus in North London. For a short explanation of Passivhaus see

December: Terry Jeffrey from LBI's SHINE Team demonstrated a number of energy efficiency measures & talked through small changes which can be made to improve domestic efficiency. For free energy advice  contact the team on 0800 953 1221 or email
November:  Talk on LBI Recycling by Matthew Homer, Islington’s Manager of Waste & Regeneration. See the presentation here.
October:  Plastic Pollution presented by Natalie Teich.
September: general meeting to discuss future topics.

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