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Islington U3A is now into its fourth year. We have over 520
members, over 60 interest groups and an exciting annual programme — see What's On.
To see more about our meetings, events and activities over the last few years, see Our Story

Islington U3A held its fourth AGM on Thursday 23rd November 2017 at 10.30 in Resource for London, Holloway Road. You can see the subjects addressed, the Nomination Form and other relevant information on the AGM page here.

Our aims can be found in our iU3A Constitution.

Our main charitable activity once a year is supporting Islington Giving. All the money this charity raises goes to organisations and projects that reduce poverty and isolation in the borough. As our 2017 Members' Survey showed over 91% of you thought we should be supporting 'Islington Giving'. We will therefore continue continue to look for ways you can contribute.

Our Home page shows the activities available to members, but all these activities depend on members volunteering their time. If you’d like to help as a one-off or with an occasional commitment or on a regular basis, we would love to hear from you. You could help with welcoming new members, making the summer party or another event go with a swing or with other occasional activities. Maybe you have an idea for setting up and coordinating a new group. You don't have to be an expert, just someone who enjoys the topic and can sort out the practical arrangements which are usually very straightforward. Do you think you can help in any way? If so please consider filling in the linked form Volunteering. If you’d like to have more information before you decide, please contact Kathyrn Dodd here.

We are currently looking for a volunteer to write the fortnightly Bulletin. To make the task easier there is a template to define the inputs required but the composer must gather the information required and once approved send the composite to the Membership Secretary for issue. If you'd like to volunteer for this role or find out more then email:

Executive Committee Vacancies
Do you have skills to sustain or help iU3A move forward? Then consider joining the Executive Committee. Currently there are vacancies for the following positions. If you are interested the role descriptions are here:

See here for the other roles currently covered by the Executive Committee. Job Descriptions are available for all these positions. If you would like to know more about the Chair or other roles, please contact Margaret Wearing here.

Beacon Members System
iU3A has launched (Summer 2017) the use of a Members System as utilised by many other national U3As. For further information about this system click here.

The Third Age Trust
Islington U3A is part of a wider family of U3As. Across the UK there are nearly 900 U3As and a total of over 300,000 members. Nationally U3As offer the chance to study over 300 different subjects spanning art, languages, music, history, life sciences, philosophy, computing, crafts, photography and walking. All are associated with the The Third Age Trust, the national representative body for all the Universities of the Third Age (U3As) in the UK.

Although all U3As remain operationally independent, they are members of the Third Age Trust and must abide by their objectives and principles.

Guidance and Procedures
The photographs used on this website were taken by members or others who have allowed us to use them and don't require acknowledgement. Where this is not the case or where creative commons pictures are used they will be acknowledged. For our guidance for Group Coordinators please see here.
You can find our Equal Opportunities Statement here and our Grievance Procedure here.


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